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Custom Design and Development

Experience in several programming languages, databases, and operating systems Contact Us

Systems Integration Specialists

Making software systems talk and work with each other, both custom and cloud Contact Us

Recent Work

Consultants at Claymore Computer Consulting, Inc. were recently involved in a two year migration project that involved infrastructure design, new software installation and configuration, and custom software integration design and development.

Artificial Intelligence Neural Network

Design, coding, training, and implementation of a BERT-based artificial intelligence nerual network to detect sentiment from spoken sentences

SoftBank Robotics Custom Development

Development of a client/server application to communicate and control the SoftBank humanoid robot named "Pepper"

Welcome To Claymore Computer Consulting, Inc.


I started Claymore Computer Consulting, Inc. in 1998 because I have a passion for software development and wanted to help other companies achieve success. Over the years we've been involved with emerging technologies as well as older established systems. We pride ourselves on our ability to create the right solution for any challenge and would like to talk with you about your project needs. We offer both on-hands local or remote work.

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The Key Features of our Job

Software Development

We have a wide range of deep custom software development experience for multiple platforms in multiple programming languages

Systems Integration

We make systems talk to each other, be it cloud application, finance, human resources, or custom applications


Experience with software and systems security practices and procedures

Training and Leadership

Claymore consultants are often used as mentors and lead consultants on projects. Soon we will offer best practices security training at a corporate or individual level


Below are some of the projects we've worked on recently

  • A multi-year project to convert an existing Elite Enterprise system to the new Elite 3E system.  This involved a leadership role, custom development, and updating existing software

    Thompson Elite Enterprise to 3E Conversion

    Created and updated custom software to facilitate a conversion from Elite Enterprise to 3E

  • Master's thesis programming a robot to interact with people and also programming a neural network to classify emotions based on the sentences spoken to the robot

    Master's Thesis

    Sharing the Load - Offloading Processing and Improving Emotion Classification for the SoftBank Robot "Pepper"

  • Custom genealogy application development project in Angular and .NET Core/MySQL


    Custom genealogy application project developed in an Angular front end and .NET Core/MySQL



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